We offer a variety of solutions for e-mail hosting.  Ranging from basic POP/IMAP to  Corporate (Exchange).   We can provide  whatever your personal or business needs are regardless if it’s one employee or 10,000 employees.  Our solutions will scale with you. 

Basic IMAP/POP Hosting

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Corporate  (Exchange) Hosting

Don’t let this name fool you.  Even if you are a personal user or family this option is likely to appeal to you.   Gone are the days of having to worry about your phone and computer and tablet not showing the same info.  With this product you can have your Android or iPhone and PC all sync in real time.   

Benefits of local hosting:

This solution is based on Microsoft Exchange 2016 but is not Office 365.  We are not reselling another provider’s service.  We are providing you locally hosted service.   If you don’t want your data in the cloud and want more control over who has access to your data, then this is your solution.   Get all the features of Exchange without the cost of software and maintenance.

$9.00 / user per month


$90.00 / user per user


“We offer bulk pricing.  Contact us for more details!”