Leadership is fundamentally about being teachable and earning trust. People ask, “Can effective leadership be taught?” and the simple answer is “yes.” It’s a matter of will, a matter of dedication, and discipline to be teachable. I chose the word “earning” in relation to trust purposefully. It’s about actually stopping to listen when you ask “How are you?” and someone takes the time to give you more than “Fine” or “ok.” It’s about processing what is being said and not trying to come up with an answer and fidgeting for your turn to speak.

Leaders who have people who want to follow them to other jobs, roles, and companies are the ones who take the time to listen, process, and learn how to weave personal success into the success of the organization. A CEO of a 1,000 person company cannot honestly know everyone in that company but they should really know the 10-20 they have in their charge. Then they must model, encourage, empower, and expect those 10-20 to do the same and a waterfall begins. This is culture and why people follow people.

Here is a good video on the subject by Simon Sinek and don’t let the title fool you.

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